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Thing that make you go HMMMM.... Marguerite Rivas sipoet Good question, DJ. I would hack up the expressway and cart away the concrete and plant trees and then I'd make all of the roads dirt roads, the kind of red clay roads I remember from when I was a kid. When a car went by, you could see these great puffs of red clouds come up. I loved it, being the earthy type that I am (Hey Donna, being a Taurus I guess it makes sense, doesn't it?). I would go through the Leng & Davis natural history records and endeavor to re-plant all of the native species that have disappeared. Before we said goodbye to the dump, I would like every person on Staten Island who has had a child with birth defects, multiple miscarriages, environmental related cancers and other diseases that that piece of sh** has caused to stand hand-in-hand while an aerial photographer took our picture.
Wow, I'm going on here.

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