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Med. Tests OK Marguerite Rivas sipoet Thanks again, everyone for your kind words. I didn't go much into it, but I had a surgical (excisional?) biopsy because they found some calcifications and some other funky stuff on my mammogram. Thanks, Art, for those good pathology vibes, must have helped do the trick. JR, I loved your post (well, being called a Huguenot Honey always gets to me) because as I read it, I could actually see myself, also, at all of those places -- Foster Field where I spent so many hours nestled in the hollow of the roots of a big tree watching the boys play ball or drawing with chalk on the basketball court, the woods near the firehouse, where I caught more that a few of my sister's and brother's friends smoking cigarettes or making out, and of course the beach. You guys brought tears to my eyes. There's really something weird that happened when I went for my first mammogram when they had the abnormality. I'll post it when I can bring myself to it. Suffice it to say, it could end up in book II of that paranormal on Staten Island booklet that someone has written.
Take care all, and thanks again.

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