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Who is a racist Stanley J. Singer sjsinger I started this string in early March complaining that certain people are promoting racism by ranting and raving about every alleged incident of racism including some that are prefabricated.
I will end this with a WWII true story which may indicate how I feel. It was 1943 and I was preparing for my first mission as a B-25 Pilot when the radio operator and waist gunner approached me and asked if I was Jewish. I immediately bristled thinking that he was prejudiced and didn't want to fly on my crew. Instead he replied, Lieutenant, "that's great, the co-pilot is Southern Baptist, the Navigator is a Mormon, I am Catholic, the tail gunner is a Protestant and the turret gunner is Lutheran.
We have an Irishman, a Norwegian, an Italian and a Pole on this crew and when get over the target, God is sure to hear one of us and bring us home. Weeks later, badly shot up and having to leave the formation, we were attacked by an enemy aircraft unable to defend ourselves, when out of the blue a P-39 appeared got behind the ME-109 and with a lucky burst shot the plane down. When we visited the base to thank the pilot of the P-39 we discovered he was black pilot one of the first to fly combat missions.
We all had one great thing in common, we were all Americans and proud of it.


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