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Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pat O'Shaughnessy patos I have no regrets about my posts to you donna. I take offense at your attacks. In October you chastised Gina about the orphan train when I replied to see what your problem was you berated me, my reply to you was simply "huh?" and I got lectured then Sipoet tried to intervene in to keep harmony you lectured to her. You used to come here as Moonlady and you left. Since you've come back you've come back it appears to me that you think you run this site. To my knowledge Gina was one of if not the first here. She does not try to run the site but for some reason you think that you do. you wanted to thank all the people that comforted you yesterday that's great. Whether anyone contacted me is not the issue. I don't like the way you continue to attack people. I try not to make things personal but your attitude does irritate me.
I usually sit and keep my mouth shut but when you attack people I'm not going to do it anymore. And please don't answer this with a critique. I'm a little older than you and have my own mind. And quite honestly I feel I am a nicer person than you. I defend others not myself

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