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Meatballs...Cook them IN or OUT??? ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~

DJ....I suppose you can say "in" but I reserve my inherent right to change my mind! LOL I mean, what if there's some double entendre or subliminal stuff going on that I just haven't seen yet? *LOL*

As for the meatballs..YEP! It's the same thing here just about all the way around. My Mom always cooks them first, IN olive oil, and then puts them in. AND...just like you, I too cook it all day long! I usually start mine around 5 AM but we are in different Time Zones so who knows? We may be starting ours at the same time! *LOL* And last, but not least, is the Mom issue. My Mom also had to admit that while everyone raves about her gravy, and still does, mine is every bit as good and even a little better! *LOL* SHE TAUGHT ME WELL and so YES! It is a great big compliment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *S* My Mom is a great cook period, but gravy is one of her BEST!


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