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Yeah, Apple sure did overprice the earliest Macs. In my case, I didn't have ANY computer until 1991, but when I was working at the University of Maryland, UM provided a Macintosh for me in 1985, and kept my office computer up to date. I fell instantly in love with the Macintosh and spent all of my free time and most of my weekends in the office, just monkeying with it.

Took early retirement in 1991 and I had to buy my first computer, so there wasn't any question what it would be. They had become more reasonable by that time, and they're a lot more reasonable now. One of the biggest considerations, I think, is that Macs don't break and there's virtually no maintenance expense. As I say, I've been using one almost every day since 1985 and have not once had to have a technician come in to fix anything. (Anything in the computer, I mean; I've had hard disks die, and one scanner died, and I've had a laser printer hit by lightning.)

Jim Donnelly

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