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The First Amendment Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu donna,

i agree with you. btw, the word is proper and in the dictionary. it was not used in anyway matter or form for racist. the d.c. official was an english scholor. in fact the word is used by many of my foreign colleagues in england. i have used the word many a time to describe the many small problems that keep cropping up regarding computers and networks.

it's just that some people are extremely senesitive and will not allow anyone to speak true english.

i know while on this site i don't push the english button, but i do speak real english and i write real english in my official reports and training manuals. after all i work with journalists. my spelling has a lot to be desired at times, but i do check the dictionary a lot.

anyway, ill check my e-mail and ill also send you that pix i promised soonest i can find it.


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