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You should now have a copy of the article! Check your mailbox! *S* As for the subject in general well, knowing you, I didn't really and truly think that you condoned Verbal Abuse! I know you too well to believe that. for the person in your place of employment that used the word "nigerly" well, I've gotta be truthfull here (unless the word "nigerly" has a true and authentic meaning that's found in the dictionary and I just don't know it)....

.....I don't think it was necessary or called for to use that word.

Again, if there is a legit meaning for it...than I take back what I said. But, if it in any way, shape or form is related to "race"...then I personally would think it's wrong.

For the same token I've heard many a male coach or gym teacher say to a male child: "You did that, threw that....(whatever)...just like a girl." In my book, that's just not right. For starters, if the male in question isn't performing to task they obviously need extra HELP. Is disparaging a whole other gender of people really going to HELP him??? And what of the secondary complications. Boys hearing that, are essentially being told that a males althletic performance is superior to that of a females. Maybe across the board it even IS, but to say that blanketly, is not fair to the entire group of females. #1, there are always exceptions to every "rule" and so while females may indeedy have a diminished performance compared to males of the same age group (and I'm not saying that it's true I'm just using it as a supposition for debate)...there may also the quite a number of females that are superior! What about THEM? Besides which, isn't that in essence also making men SUPERIOR across the board? I've yet to hear a coach say: You throw just like a girl....and I hope you're as intelligent (or something like that) as they are too!

Do you know what I mean???

And for the record...NO! I'm not a "feminist". It was just the first example I could think of! LOL

I'm a HUMANIST....and I think that we should start thinking of one another as ONE group instead of MANY groups with some "winners" and some "losers"!

If someone is a "winner" in my book, they acheived that exclusive of race, religion, gender, nationality, etc etc etc. and if someone is a "loser", they acheived that all on their own as well!!!


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