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Very Close Call last night Diane J DJ Lost Thanks all.

Yeah. It's really bad. I knew it was pretty bad last night, but this morning, in the light of day, it is actually much worse.

We have lost over 100 homes in our neighborhood. We cannot gain access to our streets without ID, and stupid me never got my license changed so I have no ID.. LOL. I will have to have my husband pick me up at the soccer fields and drive me home.. LOL

I don't know how or why but my street is the only one, that was in the path of the tornado, without mass destruction.

SIpoet, your right.. Island life never prepared me for this. The worst I ever saw was a hurricane, and this was much worse.

Normally, we see this type of thing a couple of times a year here, but never in our town or in the city. This time it was our turn I guess.

The entire downtown area of Ft. Worth is closed today. Can you imagine if that happened in NYC?

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