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Meatballs...Cook them IN or OUT??? Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu donna

wine in general is not very flamable at all. however liquors are. i sometimes cook with brandy -- nepolian stuf and all. that is flamable. you cook only certain foods with that stuff.

cooking with wine is an art i learned from my mother and various chiefs i met over the past number of years --- about 50 now.

i'm still a young chicken ya know.

too much wine in the food will give it a bad taste as well as the wrong kind of wine.

i cook according to my taste. about 90 percent or more of the time, what i cook, is well liked by those who eat what i cook. once in a while i screw up.

in anycase. i write up a quick recipe on chicken for ya in a red sauce/gravy. keep in mind, i never follow a recipe to the fulliest. i like certain ingrediences more than others and have a tendency to add extra of what i like.

i am very light on the garlic and do not cook with salt. i used the natural salt that is in the foods. i had to learn how to cook without adding salt when my wife was pregant with our first child.


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