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The First Amendment Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu donna

please e-mail me a copy. i am interested in it.

however, you may have misinterupted what my beliefs are.

i believe in freed of speech but that does not mean someone, including me, has the right to yell fire in a crowded theather.

that is why i am interested in what the judge ruled. i have found most judges have their head stuck in the wrong place when they make a decision. there are a few who think, really think, before they make a decision.

an intentional verble attack to do harm to another individual is as bad as an intentional physical attack. both are wrong. however, what i have seen taking place over the past 30 some odd years is that if you use certain words, especially in the work place, that are totally correct in the phase being used, you immediately face an eeo complaint.

there was a d.c. city officially who used the word nigerly (not sure of the spelling) to indicate little problems. the word was legitimate and correctly used. however, because he was white and one individual in the room was black, he was accused of being racist and forced to resign.

that to me was pure bull feathers.

i also am a believer in history. if we don't pay attention to history, we will repeat it, especially the bad parts.



oh yea, the c word. yep i use it a lot when someone attacks my rights as an american.
you should hear what i call the dinkle berry in the white house when i get angry

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