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Oh Rich! I'm sooo shocked! You used the "c" word! *LOL* As for the article, nooooo I didn't get it from any "socialist judge". I don't even know who you mean. I actually got it from a San Francisco Attorney! (And No! It wasn't rs! *LOL*)

Do you want me to send you a copy???

Either way I'll state, for the record that the Attorney was NOT in favor of it. You know I love ya dearly, but I have to disagree with You on this one. (And obviously the Attorney too! LOL)

We live in a society that takes a stand on PHYSICAL ABUSE but not on VERBAL ABUSE! I have always thought that that was wrong....and I will remain steadfast in that opinion for all of time and space.

In my book....ABUSE is ABUSE! In fact, more often than not, VERBAL ABUSE is more damaging. Please bear in mind that this injunction specifies that it's in reference to TARGETED VERBAL ABUSE. (As in directed towards another person or group of persons.) This does not mean that anyone who slips up and says say...the "c" word found above for example *LOL*....would be in violation of the statue!

Do you want me to E-mail you a copy of the article???


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