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Very Close Call last night Diane J DJ Lost Well, My family and I are still alive and our house is still in tact.

Unfortunately for many of my neighbors, the news isn't that good.

Last evening about 6:30 pm, while we were about a 1/2 mile from home, a tornado hit our neighborhood. We were dining out and the power went out. Clay roof shingles were flying in the air like paper and a large pile of heavy clay tiles landed about an inch from my truck just before we left the restaurant and got into it.

Most of our neighbors behind us suffered major property damage. The tornado skipped the houses on our street and leveled about a half dozen houses and businesses on the next streets over.

We are not allowed in or out of our neighborhood without ID and about a 2 mile radius around us has been closed off.

Immediately after the tornado hit, we arrived at home and made checked our property. We had power out for 4 hours last night.

We walked down the road and saw the destruction and loss. There were homes without roofs, homes without garages and worst of all there were piles of rubish where houses once were.

We did a quick check on all our family in the area, and all are fine, but my brother's home sustained roof damage.

Really makes you take a good look at what is valuable in life and how things can change in the blink of an eye.
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