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Meatballs...Cook them IN or OUT??? ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~
rs....Oh well! I know you started a category somewhere about the Meatballs in the GRAVY *LOL*...but I can't seem to find it, so I'm answering here.

My vote is DEFINETELY for IN THE GRAVY!!!!!!!! (And believe me, I would know since I've lived half my life with them being cooked "out" and the other half with them being cooked "in".)

O.k.! This is my story. I know everyone thinks that their Mother made the best gravy (tomato gravy *S*)...but mine really did/does. All of my friends and even other family members would love to eat at our house. My uncle who just so happened to own a Restaurant, even adored my Mom's gravy.

Anyway, how did my Mom cook it?? She cooked it WITH the meatballs (and other meat) separately and than added them later. In fact, she use to fry the meatballs first. After I got married and my husband watched me make it, he couldn't believe that I made the meat separately and it was actually a tug-of-war with us. He said that he's NEVER heard of that. Finally, to please him, I tried it the other way. I made all of the meat RIGHT IN THE POT at the same time.

I have to was WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better the second way. I didn't WANT to admit it *LOL*...but I had to.

The Upshot to it all is that even my MOTHER said it was better that way....

...but she still wants to do hers the OLD way! *LOL*

That was a really GREAT question!


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