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Hot Lunch or Cold Lunch??? ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~
O.k.! I'm just curious about how many of you had Cold Lunch going to school and how many of you had "Hot" Lunch.

For a while, when I was in P.S. 30, I had "Hot" lunch. Some of the things weren't that bad and in fact were kind of good, but on the was a LOUSEY experience. In fact, I can still remember the SMELL of the lunch room to this day. (Partly because I think it still smells that way. LOL) In P.S. 30 they separated the HOT LUNCH KIDS from the COLD LUNCH KIDS. Did they do that in you school too...and which kind of Lunch Kid were You???

I was so happy when I got to PRHS! I had my Drake's Coffee Cake and my can of Coke...and I was in HEAVEN! *S*


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