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Q: How many teaspoons of suger does the average North American consume
every day: (a) 9 teaspoons; (b) 19 teaspoons; or (c) 29 teaspoons?

     A: 19, mostly in processed
food and beverages.


Q: If the Japanese delicacy fugu pufferfish isn’t prepared by an expert
chef, will the diner: (a) die; (b) turn bright orange; or (c) hiccup for
40 days and nights?

     A: The fugu pufferfish
is poison, deadly poisonous if not prepared properly.

     Unfun Fact: 25%of U.S. 4th graders are pressured
by friends or classmates to use drugs or alcohol (Vitality magazine)


Q: What do coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine, soda, berries, and soy sauce
have in common: (a) they’ll all give you zits; (b) they’ll all make you
burp; or (c) they’ll all stain your teeth?

     A: All real teeth stainers
(American Health).


Q: Whether it’s beef or chicken, if the terms stroganoff, Wellington,
Cordon bleu, Salisbury, or Parmesan are used, you know it’s: (a) expensive;
(b) mouth-watering; or (c) high in fat?

     A: High in fat (Healthy
Eating On-the-Go for Dummies by Carol Ann Rinzler and Lynn Fischer).


Q: Your brown sugar is hard as a rock. Should you: (a) melt a little
brown crayon with your regular sugar; (b) ask a strong friend to come over
and break it for you; or (c) microwave it?

     A: Put it in a bowl
next to a mug of water and zap it on high for two or three minutes. If
it’s still hard, bury it in an ant hill.


Q: Were the Montreal Expos the first major-league team vendors to sell
their fans: (a) moose-meat hot dogs; (b) beaver tail; or (c) bearburgers?

    A: Beaver tail, but it’s actually
fried dough dipped in cinnamon, chocolate, and hazelnuts.


Q: Did California’s Frank Epperson invent the Popsicle in 1905 when
he was: (a) 11 years old; (b) 16 years old; or (c) 21 years old?

     A: Frank was 11 when
he mixed some soda water powder to drink, but left it on the back porch
overnight with the stirring stick in it. It froze solid, and the Epsicle
was born. Later the name was changed to Popsicle.


Q: Mait Lepik became Estonia’s banana eating champion in Tallinn by
wolfing down ten bananas in three minutes. To save time, did Mait: (a)
eat the bananas without peeling them; (b) have a friend peel them for him;
or (c) swallow the bananas whole without chewing?

    A: He ate ten bananas peel
and all, and won a free trip to the Canary Islands.

Q: Pepperoni is America’s favorite pizza topping. Is Japan’s favorite
pizza topping: (a) eggs; (b) pickled ginger; or (c) squid?

    A: Squid. Australians prefer
eggs; pickled ginger is #1 in India. The French like fresh cream.





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