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These are from actual Police Files around the Globe:

POSER ALERT - Marysville, Washington police warned residents that a burglar had stolen a freshly cleaned and pressed police uniform during a break-in at a local cleaners. They were asked to report any apparant Marysville officers who may be acting suspiciously.

DYING WORDS ARE THE KEY - A full investigation has been launched after a condemned prisoner spit out a handcuff key shortly after being given his lethal injection. Mr. X had tried to break out of death row at least twice, and had struggled with guards the day leading up to his execution. As he died, Mr. X said: The secret, as of Mr. X...

... as the key fell out of his mouth.

TIRED COMMUNITY - The front tire of an X Airlines jet fell off as the plane was approaching the Airport. The tire - traveling at 200 miles an hour - hit an intersection near a school, bounced over a two-story building, and came to rest in an empty parking lot. The jet landed without incident.


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