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The SI Little Rascals??? ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~ Then and Now??? Babies and Babes??? *LOL*

All of the above???? *S*

O.k.! Since we all talk about our Staten Island Childhood a lot I bounced an idea off of Art yesterday about something I did in my other web site....and he like's it and we're going to work on it together! *S* What it an ADDITION to the Photo Album he started. What I'm specifically referring to is BABY PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm doing the collecting of the pictures so if you have one that you'd like to add (and I hope you do) please send it to me. If you have one and it's not scanned in yet, Art has offered to do that but I'm still going to collect what I get AND THEN send them to him. If you need yours scanned E-mail me and I'll tell you where to send your picture. O.k.? *S*

And for the record....the "Babies...Babes" line was Art's and "The Little Rascals" part was DJ's! *S* I always give the appropriate credit where it's due!

Sooooo whaddaya think SI WEBSTERS??? C'mon! We wanna see the LITTLE You! *S*


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