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BULLSHIT Gina * Gina On 03/28/2000 11:15:00 PM, bobsheridan wrote:
In part:

>See, StatNisland is like this
>big weed that explodes its
>seeds all over the country,
>and here we are, Dandelions in
>the fine lawns of the world,
>making our presence obvious,
>and they can't get rid of us
>fast enuf.
G- enjoyed your good bs story RS :)

YEP! Just like Dandelions in the fine lawns of the thing is we're so well rooted that try as they might we can be temporarily cut down, often picked & stepped upon, tugged & pulled about. Just like the Dandelion we will always find our way to pop uP unscathed with the beauty of sunny freedom & fresh as we can be :)

How nice to be among StatNislander's wherever ye may go.


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