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Sauce or Gravy? Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Y'know, every once in a while, we get onto an earthshaking topic that makes it worthwhile putting up with long lists and other H*rseshit.

Wouldn't it be nice if we had a periodic, say annual, compilation (didn't wanna say "list"), or special section, of some of the better longies that drew a lot of reaction and was revealing of who you characters really were, er, make that, are.

Sometime when I write something here I think I can tell my kids, "look it up on the StatNisland web if you wanna know what I wuz really like." Same applies to youse.

Not many of us have written that book. This may be as close as we get. Reminiscing, and nostalgia about the Island that helped form us, with crumbuns, pizza, beer, spaghetti sauce, and hot dogs on da ferry, are preserved here in writing.

Think on my tombstone I'm gonna put


PS See the next post-topic, I don't wanna bury this here.

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