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Famous Friends? Neal Mulligan neal Mimi,
Didn't know Rick other than I'd see his name in Collegian Newspaper. I think that team went to NIT, they were led by Dr. J. lost in first round I think to UNC. They did better a couple of years later. I'm not much of a spectator type so I didn't go to the games.

Natalie was in summer orientation in early June of 67. She was around the campus much of the 1st year. Then I heard that she dropped out and started singing. According to a story on her in one of those People type mags a few years ago she claims to have returned to UMass and graduated later. don't remember seeing her when I was a senior and I looked. Rick and I probably should have graduated in 71. I hung around for another semester and graduated in 72. I think Patino was there about this time, may have left in 70.


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