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Sauce or Gravy? - rs meatballs Gina * Gina On 03/27/2000 2:19:00 PM, bobsheridan wrote:
In Part:

>Great topic, as long as you
>pass the spaghetti with plenty
>of sauce and a coupla
>You wanna have a real debate?
>Do you cook the meatballs
>separately or do you let them
>cook in the pot of sauce?

G- RS I'm in agreement w/ Rich (sorry DJ just a difference of opinion here) on this one (minus the booze cause someone's gotta watch & stir the pot w/ a sober chef's hat on LOL)

Years ago one of my Aunts took to dropping the raw meatballs & sausage right in the simmering tomato sauce...YIKES! Boiled gray/brown looking mushy balls...doughy meat is what my Uncles called em - they tasted ok but didn't go over as well as she expected. She immediately went back to Grandma's way of frying them first - She didn't want screw uP her BIG BROTHER'S well embedded taste buds LOL. So to this day, slow frying or even the occasional oven frying it is.

I slow fry any of the meat until nicely browned and about 3/4 cooked then put them in the pot of simmering tomato sauce that with the meat addition becomes gravy - ROFL confusing AEH?

*if too much grease is produced with frying I remove some - don't want them swimming in fatty goop - just some favouring.

Most often I add the fresh finely chopped onion, a little garlic & chopped fresh basil to the pan while the meatballs are still frying. Other times I saute the onion/garlic/basil after the balls/meat have been transferred to the tomato pot. Either way when the frying is done and the fat lessened I then put a couple of scoops of the tomato liquid in the fry pan stir it around - don't want to lose any good flavour so it's poured back into the slow simmering gravy pot.

When my kids were little my Mom started a "tiny meatball" tradition that still is carried on today. My daughter was a "not variety" eater. If you offered her any kind of meat, she would scrunch her face up & quickly head out of the kitchen. Mom started making some tiny sweedish meatball sized ones for her...a "specially made for fuss" was made about them and after a couple of times Sandra started to oblige Manmas' special cooking effort by eating them...Of course BIG brother Joseph joined in the fun of this "special treat" did we all LOL One of the reason these tiny meatballs are so special is because they are the ones that stay in the fry pan till completely cooked and never reach the simmering gravy pot - cause they're devoured right as they come out of the fry pan ROFL - it still tickles me to see them all grown uP now and still hanging in the kitchen for that moment when Mom removes their "special meatballs" from the pan, so they can grab the "special treat meatballs" as fast as they can & eat em uP.

It's now about 25 years since the start of this tradition. I would venture to say, "it's embedded & will continue in our family for many years/generations to come".

That's why Grandma's R So Special...yep they are :))


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