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Who is a racist Margie Stephens Margie Go back to #9 about whatever-American. Read the book Chained Eagle by Everett Alvarez. He was the first POW in Vietnam, first at the Hanoi Hilton. Read about *his* views on the subject. It's a book well worth your time.

The town I live in is a true melting pot, more than I ever saw in NY. There are immigrants from at least four other countries on my street alone. I love it! I learn so much about the world.

There are also two young girls, very different backgrounds, different races, parents from different countries. They were having a grand time coming here to play with my computer, writing e-mail to each other. Sometimes both were here, other times only one would come that day.

After they'd been enjoying each other's company for several weeks, one turned up at my door and said, "Mrs. Stephens, I don't like XXX people." I said to her, "Let me change *one* word in that sentence."

Then, with the same words and inflection she'd used, I changed XXX to YYY (her background). You should have seen her face! Oh, the pain - realization what she had done. I literally pushed her out the door and told her not to come back until she could at least be quiet on the issue. I told her in no uncertain terms that I would not have that kind of talk in my house.

As the words in a song from South Pacific say, "You've got to be taught before it's too late/ before you are 6 or 7 or 8/ to hate all the people your relatives hate/ you've got to be carefully taught." My parents didn't teach me that lesson.


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