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Weeeeeelllllllllllllll ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~

DJ...Wow! I didn't realize that it could be even sooner. BTW...Have you spoken to Kathy recently? How are things going with her? Is her new business up and running yet or is all of that still in the development process??? As for the "up in the air" and "driving you nuts" stuff...WHATEVER IN THE WORLD WOULD MAKE YOU THINK I'D COMMENT???? *ROTFLOL* Re the boy: I think that it's good that you made him the offer and its also good that you're letting him make the decision. I'm sure that if he doesn't go with you you'll all miss him terribly but if your offer should by any chance wake his Mother up a little bit than I know it'll still be turning out just the way you want it to. All you ever wanted was for him to have a happy ~HOME~! Right? I think your offer was really GENEROUS and I'm sure that alone made him feel good! *S*


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