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Sunday...a Special Day....for some! ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~ On 03/27/2000 9:14:00 PM, iquill wrote:
>Donna, >>I suspect Sundays mean many>different things to many>people and it can be rather>enjoyable to form mental
>pictures as the posts are>read. It helps us to get a
>better picture and feeling for>those we chat with here every>day.>>Inasmuch as we can't meet them>in person this helps us to>meet them in our minds eye.>Rather like listening to the>radio in the old days and>forming our own visions.>>That may be what keeps us >coming back to this site time >and again. > >cheers,>Irene


Hummm What an interesting post yours is. Since I was the one that JUMP STARTED the conversation about "Sunday's" and what they mean to each of us, I don't at all understand your apparent need to address me specifically on the issue, nor for that matter do I understand your attempts at trying to "explain" to me what the topic of conversation was.

That "Sunday's" mean different things to different people" is an intellectual GIVEN so I really and truly wonder why you felt any need at all to STATE that. And, if being the GIVEN that truly is, were not enough, just the FACT that there were SO MANY open, loving and sentimental posts full of heart~warming stories that followed my initial post, should have illustrated THAT! Just about everyone else seemed to understand it!

We here, (the majority of us anyway *LOL*), are like an extended family in many ways. We share primal roots. It's what brought us together and it's what keeps us together. We share with each other the more specific details of our lives because while while we do have the same roots coming from the base of our "tree"....we're all different branches on that tree.

On the whole, those of us that share with each other here generally do it quite GENUINELY because we all care GENUINELY for each other. It's in the honesty and truth expressed in a post.... that the emotions are exchanged. The emotions are the glue or mortar if you will, that keeps those of us that DO feel like a family ....TOGETHER! Those that have ever felt on the fringe here at this site (and there have been some over the years) are usually the game players. You know what I mean right? They're the ones that don't share from the ~*Heart*~.

As for your statement that the various posts here give us "mental pictures" to help us "meet" the bet...but again....why the need to STATE that...and specifically to ME no less???? I mean, unless you have some secret way of viewing the various posters THROUGH their monitors isn't that also a GIVEN????

You're were so right though when you said that words exchanged give us a "vision" in our "minds eye".

FOR SURE!!!!!!!!! I know MY "minds eye" is WIDE OPEN!!!! *G*

Oh yeah...

Cheers to you too!!!!!!!!


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