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Famous Friends? Dan Blaine DBLIVIT At the time of the first Space Shuttle launch in the 80's, I worked with a guy we called "The Bull". He was called that because not only was he as big and as strong as a bull, he was as clumsy as a bull in a china shop and was always demolishing supposedly indestructible pieces of hardware while working on it. He always laughed about it. Then he would bring the pieces of what he broke back to the shop for the rest of us to try and fix. (He had one glass eye, and his lack of depth perception coupled with his strength caused most of these mishaps)

After that digression...back to the theme: The night of the first Shuttle launch, the place was swarming with publicity hungry pols and celebrities. The "Bull" came back into the shop once again laughing. We all looked at each other and thought, "Uh-oh what did he f**k up now?"

He told us: "Guess what? I ran down to the coke machine and as I rounded the corner, I knocked Bo Derek on her ass! They had to get the duty medical people to check her out but she was OK." Unfortunately, this time he didn't bring us back any piece(s). :)

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