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Ida's Journal Part 3 C Connelly mcgil From the journal of Ida Dudley Dale

New neighbors, "Mrs. K." and her small son Edward, who had a white Shetland pony named Queenie and a light carriage, provided pleasant drives for Ida Dale beginning in June 1911…with Ida driving Queenie most afternoons and Edward her passenger. Three months later the one-seated light carriage was replaced by a handsome governess cart… From then on whenever the weather was fine the governess cart, pulled by the white Shetland pony, carried its passengers with their picnic lunches, cameras, field glasses, sketch books and painting materials on many happy expeditions throughout the island.
"We drove up Manor Road to the enchanting Martling's Lane with its soft dirt bed, passing acres of open fields… turned into Slosson Lane leading to the 'Pike (Victory Blvd). The roadside was bright with rich sumac leaves, golden rod, purple asters, blue and pink chicory and tiny white daisies. We enjoyed the soft dirt road and its occasional rock or rut but at length we emerged on the hard Pike, driving east a short way we turned into the lovely Little Clove Road, which winds down the steep hillside to the Clove Valley. After passing the quaint yellow brick gabled house, set in a sort of hollow hidden from either road, we turned into (Windsor Road) leading to Todt Hill Road…a very long road, climbing steadily til the highest point on the Atlantic coast is reached… Truly paradise could be no lovelier than this glorious view from the crest of Dongan Hills."
"No doubt much of the charm in due to the foreground: the velvet rolling lawns of the golf links, the valley and wooded hillside, a winding dirt road threading it's way up and down, the splendid homes and well kept estates, ivy covered stone walls, neatly clipped hedges, the stone wind mill, and hundreds of little subtleties, all go to make one sublime impression! We circled down among the beautiful homes, and rested in back of Ernest Flagg's estate, with farm, gardens, pond and mill…"
"As we passed 'The Gables" (on upper Manor Road) the Walkers drove out with their high-stepping team and Eleanor waved. At King's, where Egbert Avenue and Manor Road meet in a V we followed a sign pointing the way to the Farm Colony and a doleful way it is! There are only three or four old-fashioned houses passes and they all have the appearance of poverty, one with a broken down buggy on the front porch…"
On another day as they took the other road that made the V, Ida noted that "it was here that Jasper F. Cropsey painted one of his superb landscapes.

To be continued………

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