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Famous Friends? Marguerite Rivas sipoet Patti Hansen,who was a model, went to Tottenville H.S. She was a year ahead of me, but I didn't know her - just heard tell of her. She married one of the Rolling Stones.

My father's first cousin, my "aunt" Ruth White was a stage actress who won an Emmy, a Tony and an Obie. I actually saw the awards -- don't look like they do on T.V. She was also in a bunch of movies among them Charly with Cliff Robertson and the Nun's Story.

Met John Lennon in the village once and spoke with him briefly. I saw a whole bunch of celebrities when I worked in Manhattan -- John Houseman, Richard Thomas, Ron Howard, Sylvester Stallone, Mr. T. My most exciting encounter, however, happened while I worked for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the 80's. I met David McCallum, aka Illya Kuriakan of Man From U.N.C.L.E. who had come into the museum to buy sculpture reproductions or something like that. I was absolutely crazy about him when I was a kid and my greatest aspiration in life then was to someday meet him. There was a little old lady who used to come to the museum and who sometimes volunteered at the membership table. Everyone called her "The Duchess" and some claimed that she was the lost Anastasia of Russia. I'm sure she wasn't, but it was fun to talk to her.

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