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Famous Friends? Charlie Joseph CharlieJ Lessee,
I played baseball with Jim Albus, fmaous SI'er on seniors golf tour.
My father was close friends with Art Ford, well-known DJ/announcer on WNEW in the 50's. He gave me a bunch of 45rpm records marked, DJ copy-not for sale.
I was in the TV movie "There be the Dragons" with Richard Crenna and Anthony Hopkins. The movie was about the Mayflower's voyage. I was in 4 scenes - considerably less than my co-stars Richard and Anthony. I talked to Richard for a few minutes and my daughter and I had our picture taken with him. (it's on my site on the kids page). And some tourist watching the filming while I was in costume asked for my autograph. I told her I was nobody, but she said please sign anyway, some day you might be somebody. I signed for her, but the jokes on her - I'm still nobody. But, for whatever it's worth, I have been asked for my autograph - and like a true humble star, gave it to her.


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