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For starters you're never a pest. You're one of the terrific regulars that come and everybody missed you terribly when you weren't there! *S* Honest! They all asked for you!

As for Vesta...she WAS there!!! Is she REALLY gay or are you teasing about that? Again, not that it would matter but is that something that I missed in the conversations? Sometimes I have to step away to erect a chart and I'm sure I miss things being said. Anyway, regarding Vesta, not only was she there but at around 12:00 PM or so I poofed to the other place and it was just Vesta and the Moon square Neptune guy talking! *LOL* I've never poofed on the chat before when there were people still in it, but my contract is only till 10 PM and if I don't make a break by a certain time all of the people from Time Zones with English as a second language come in and I not only have to teach Astrology I have to decifer the messages as well. LOL


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