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Sauce or Gravy? Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu rs,

ya need two bottles of burg to make the sauce/gravy. one bottle goes into the pot the other goes into me.

now if ya make a 50 galan pot of sause/gravy then ya need a gallon of burg for the pot and a gallon of burg for me.

i skip the southern comfort this round.

an yes it takes a good day for all the ingredients to marry properly. thats why you cook slowly.

re the meatballs and sausage. the sausage must be cooked thoughrly and slowly in a pan with olive oil, onions finely chopped, some finely chopped green pepers (if ya like spice the add some chilie peppers) some oragano, black peper, a touch of garlic (fresh)

after sausage is cooked, take out of frying pan and dump the juices in the pan into the pot. careful you don't splash yourself.

i ususlly slice the sausage, easier for the kids to eat.

meatballs, are cooked three quarters through in same pan as the sausage --- better flavor.

put all in the sauce/gravy pot and let simmer for good 8 hours or more, stirring every so often. check the seasonings to taste. if slightly bitter, add a bit of sugar --- usually a pinch will do.

let me know how the sauce/gravy turns out will ya??


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