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Sauce or Gravy? Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Great topic, as long as you pass the spaghetti with plenty of sauce and a coupla meatballs.

You wanna have a real debate? Do you cook the meatballs separately or do you let them cook in the pot of sauce?

I'll tell you what drove me nuts. My wife would say pass the spaghetti, or I've got some spaghetti in the freezer, when she meant the sauce.

CharlieJ sent me his good spaghetti sauce recipe a while back; looked like Grandma Molly's Olde StatNisland Spaghetti Sauce, a blend of every ingredient in the cupboard. I like La Dieu's addition of a bottle of burg. By the time I'd get around to dumping a bottle of wine in a pot of stewing sauce I'd have drunk most of it. It takes a lot of wine to make a good sauce I guess. Just like it takes a lot of beer, say the local winemakers up in the Napa Valley, to make a barrel of wine. Just to be a nice guy Om gonna try Rich's way.

Always better the next day, as it takes awhile for the ingredients to marry; don't know what they've been up to before the ceremony, but then, you never do, do you.

I wuz never aware there was this debate about gravy/sauce because I'd never heard what you put on spaghetti called anything but sauce. The "if it's brown it's gravy" and "if it's red it's sauce" appeals to me. I thought gravy was what you made from the juice when you pot roasted meat (or chicken, I guess) and added flour for consistency. When you say sauce, I think red. A saucy little tomato has always had some appeal for me. :)

Think I'm about ready for a hero sangwidge and a tall R&H beer, what with all this talk about StatNisland Soul Food.


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