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Yesss Libby certainly does have a prominent last name doesn't she? LOL At first I thought it was her STAGE NAME! :-0 And YESSS She is really nice! (Most of the time! LOL) She and I have alot of laughs. Sometimes too many. She can be quite BAD you know. Last week when I hosted the Astrology chat she came for the first time. Do you know she near about started an argument with someone there? I would have felt really horrible if I had to boot her! LOL Someone came in and was quoting an aspect in their chart. They said that they had Neptune square Moon, which just happens to be a toughie of an aspect, but anyway, not only does the guy tell us that he has that aspect is but he follows it up with: "and did you know that Michael Jackson has it too?" At that point no one said anything about it. The conversation progresses with general commentes and then he comes out with: Oh Yeah! Winona Ryder has it in her chart too. So Libby said: Hey! What's the deal with you and your obsession with actors and actresses???? LOL The guy got all huffy and said: I'm not obsessed with actors and actresses...and I'm not GAY either....even though people are continuously saying that I TALK just like Michael Jackson. He said: Everyone is always thinking I'm gay. Two seconds later Libby private messaged me and said: Who is he kidding! He's as GAY as can be. I just know it. Besides the obvious there was one very major problem with that statement. Just before she Private Messaged ME she messaged someone else and told them the same MISTAKE! *LOL* The guy kept naming aspects in Celebs charts and intermittingly protesting that he wasn't gay ...and Libby kept right after him. Finally I said: Listen both of you, it doesn't matter to me one way OR the other who here is gay and who here isn't gay. No one owes in this group any explanations or declarations of any kind...

....and Libby pipes up and says (publically): I still think he's obsessed with movie stars!

Mama Mia! *LOL*


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