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Thanks for the info DJ! I was all set to hunt up the winners on MSN's cover page when I saw your post. *S* As for the guy from Spain, YEP! I missed him! That's too funny that he stated that his film had never been released! LOL I'm not really up and the rules and regulations either. I guess Libby could tell us. Did you know that she and her boyfriend Bob (and his brother too) are members of the Screen Actors Guild? *S* She gets alot of work. She just did an episode of X-Files. (I think it was Saturday.) Then she was on the set today for some movie which she did name but I just can't remember it. I'm still looking for her INFOMERCIAL. She even uses her real name in it! LOL

As for Hillary Swank...You do know her...I'm sure of it. You just don't recognize her with the very short hair. She was in one of the Karate Kid movies. It was the one without Ralph Machio. I guess that would make her "the" Karate Kid then heh? LOL

What a difference a hair style makes! :-0


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