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Sauce or Gravy? Dawn Casella Marie Both my grandmothers were born in Sicily and grew up in Manhattan and we always called sauce gravy. There was brown gravy and then there was gravy for the macaroni. I think it was an effort to become "Americanized" in that Americans called the brown stuff that you poured over meat, etc.gravy, so they called tomato sauce 'gravy' too. In Italy when you order macaroni with tomato sauce, it's called 'con pomodoro' which means 'with tomato'not tomato sauce. Another issue I have is the macaroni/pasta debate. We never called it "pasta". It was always macaroni (or spaghetti). My grandparents never said pasta. Did anybody grow up with macaroni being referred to as pasta? My grandmother's family owned a macaroni factory in Little Italy. Nobody ever said "pasta factory".

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