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Sauce or Gravy? Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu lets see, the burgandy gives it a great flavour. the alchole is boiled out from the cooking so no zing there.

i can make a quick gravy/sauce if i have to.

when i make my regular sauce i pure my own tomatoes. i slick them then dice them, then beat the heck out of em. easier now cuz i got this blender my wife gave me for xmas one year. (you can guess i do the realllll cooking in my house)

then i do the italian sausage -- hot and sweat).in olive oil low heat.

just takes lots of time to cook all the stuff together.

as for left overs, you bet. i make the leftovers same way you do. golly gee, did i learn from mrs disogra. she was a great cook.

my mother taught me how to make the sauce/gravy the french way. she learned french cooking when in school in boston.


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