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Weeeeeelllllllllllllll ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~

Oh WOW DJ! Are we ever on the same wave length. What I believe you're referring to is a "sfogliatelli". I know the spell checker is probably gonna go NUTS on that one, but unless Aslfonso's brochure's proof reader was sleeping before they sent it off to the's absolutely correct. I just copied it from there! LOL In fact, I'll tell you something REALLY funny. Yesterday when my Husband and Daughter went to Alfonso's I asked them to pick my Mom up 2 sfogliatelli. (They're her favorites!) My husband asked me like 3 times how to say it. (We go through this all the time with that kind of stuff since he's the more "Scandinavianish" one and I'm the more "Italianish" one! LOL) Anyway, because he couldn't seem to get the knack of the pronunciation....I gave him the brochure to take with him and told him to just point to it and ask the girl for 2! ROTFLOL He rolled his eyes at me but he did get my Mom the pastries!

Now I really have to ask him how he got them! LOL (He might have put my Daughter up to the asking or pointing part though! LOL)

BTW...Alfonso's DOES deliver! *S* Now if they'll deliver to TEXAS...

...I dunno! *LOL*


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