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Sauce or Gravy? ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~
Hey Rich,

I start my GRAVY early too. A good majority of the time it's from the crack of dawn on the day that I'm going to use it but since I make enough to feed 12 families I essentially end up cooking the rest for days and days. When I'm making it for lasagna and baked ziti and things like that I make it days ahead of time too.

O.k.! This is a branch off of the original question, but what the heck!

Who here likes LEFT OVER spagetti and macaroni???? I think I like it almost better than day one. O.k. maybe not better, but at least just as much. It tastes totally different when it's "left over". I especially love it when the left overs are fried in olive oil!

Does anyone do that with theirs???

Rich, burgundy heh? I never tried that ingredient! I guess it gives your GRAVY a bit of ZING! Yes? *S*


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