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Sauce or Gravy? ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~ On 03/27/2000 6:47:00 AM, DBLIVIT wrote:

Whoa! I absolutely LOVE this string topic. This has been a topic of debate and chuckles between my husband and I since I met him. We're both half Scandinavian and half Italian but with the mixtures reversed. My Father was the Italian one and my Mother the Scandinavian one. My Mother In Law is Italian and my Father In Law is Scandinavian. Anyway, the first time I invited my husband (who was then my boyfriend of course) over to my house to eat Sunday Dinner he was totally amazed when my Mom referred to the stuff we put on our Macaroni as "gravy". When we went out after dinner the first thing out of his mouth was: Why did your mom call the sauce "gravy"??? He said: Gravy is BROWN. What we had was TOMATO SAUCE. He said: And I should know because my Grandfather was born in Italy. I said: No it's NOT "sauce" it's gravy. Both my Paternal Grandparents were born in Italy (Contursi Italy which is a suburb of Naples) and they have ALWAYS called it: GRAVY!

It remains a source of debate in our house to this day.

Maybe it has to do with the town in Italy the people migrated from because my In Laws were from Manhattan...and that's part of NYC!

I can't wait to hear what others have to say! (And if the scales tip on my side I might even show the string to my husband! LOL)


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