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Sunday...a Special Day....for some! ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~ On 03/27/2000 1:55:00 >Did someone say it was good to rest on Sunday? Which Sunday do "U" mean? ROFLMAO

I do believe there's been a misunderstanding/mis~read here. What people did with the "rest" of their day (with rest referring to the part of the day AFTER early Sunday Morning) was what the conversations were really about. Since we all pretty much do the same mundane things we didn't feel the need to write home about them (as in list them). We were talking about something SPECIAL we did on a Sunday that differentiated it from the rest.

Perhaps the misunderstanding was because Sunday isn't "different" in any way for some people.

Weeeelllll.....I certainly do honor each individuals "right" to spend their day the way they want ....and I even celebrate that right by saying: Viva la difference ....

...but I still have to admit that I'm a bit prejudiced about my own version of Sunday....and so I say a great big High Five to all of the other posters who think of (and experience) Sunday as a SPECIAL DAY like I do!!!!!

I had fun reminiscing with you all. I loved telling my stories, and I loved hearing YOURS! *S*

I guess you have to have ~been there~ to understand! *S*


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