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Good Morning - a day late LOL Gina * Gina Were u'all taWkin bout Sunday - the day of rest?

Let's see:
feed & put the dog out
put the kaWfee on
get showered & dressed for church
pick uP my neighbor to drive her to church
go to church
gas uP the car OUCH! the prices
pick up the Sunday newspaper
stop at the bakery, get fresh buns, rolls & Italian bread
make breakfast for whomever has arrived while I was at Mass
visit with the breakfast crew while they stuff their faces LOL
load the dishwasher
tidy the house uP
water the lawn cause everything is startin to l^oo^k dry
start the macaroni sauce for dinner
while sauce simmers wash & vacuum the car
bs w/ the neighbors for a few minutes
damn banana spider things - ok hose down the house
might as well put a load of laundry in - thank goodness the new washing machine arrived & no more leaks LOL
have a cuppa kaWfee while reading the newspaper
set the dining room table for dinner
take the PeeWee dog for a quick walk in the park
shower again
Welcome the dinner crew...
make the salad, mix the macaroni's n all that good dinner stuff.
serve dinner, serve the after dinner goodies & kaWfee, tea & whatever LOL
help clean uP after dinner, load the rest of the the dishwasher, push the button - swish, swish, rumble, rumble, swish - thank goodness for the modern dish maid.
feed the PeeWee Dog
visit w/ the family while the dishes are washing - serve more of whatever
watch the Oscars
say g'night to all
finish cleaning up the left over dinner stuff
empty the dishwasher
chase the racoon away from the trash cans (little bugger ain't scared a nuthin, especially me - but a waving boom or newspaper gets er movin - no I would never hurt her, just shoosh er away)
empty the trash - put the cans out for pick uP
walk the PeeWee dog
read the SI Web posts
Laugh like hell & smile at the thought of the days good events
where'd everybody goooooooooooooooooo
OH SURE no one wants to come out & play at this hour - what a bunch a chickens - guess I'll have to hang around a bit for the "Left Coast" bunch


put uP a fresh pot of kaWfee
relax & enjoy the peaceful silence of a good Sunday's end LOL

Did someone say it was good to rest on Sunday? Which Sunday do "U" mean? ROFLMAO


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