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Good Morning - Good Evening Harry White hrwhite Irene, You make some good points and I have considered most of them BUT memories are better if left alone after all these years. Whenever I try to go into the past I'm disappointed. Those catsup/mayo/baloney sandwiches mentioned in an earlier post just don't taste the same. I'd probably be disappointed with Buda rolls, crumb buns (my German grandmother called the crumbs on the buns schtrizel (sp)). Henry Niedbalski the Grant City butcher is probably long gone so there would be no fresh kilbsey (sp). Semilars is gone so I could not sneak under the fence to raid a picnic or eat fresh grapes from the arbor. The barber shop where my hair was cut on Midland Ave & N. Railroad Ave is probably gone. The fields near my house and swamps north of Jefferson Ave where I hunted, fished and trapped have probably been turned into housing or shopping malls. The trees I climbed and and carved my initials in have died and/or been cut down. The swings are gone. The basket ball hoop on the corner is gone. No I think I'll live with my memories. They have faded but with the help of my si-web friends many are coming back. My SI home is here in cyber space not back there. Harry

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