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Former StatNislanders - Here's Dat Place Gina * Gina Four Corners Photo's by Staten_Islander (he/she didn't put their name on the site so dats all I have)

RS! I CAN'T BELIEVE "U" didn't name dat place first...has it really been that longgggggggggggggggggg? LOL...Happy to read your descriptive post of your old "Home of The Heart" Lucky for us your typing fingers remember so vividly.

The intersection is still about the same, the buildings are mostly the same ones but many of the names have changed.

Oldtimer & hrwhite not to worry..."U" must be drinking dat same "Left Coast" water RS is - heard it bogs the memory bank LOL

Marianne ya done a good job :)

DBLIVIT, Cron, Art, Rich, DJ, bdelaney5 thanks for the run down on FawCawnahs - great memory stuff :)

iquill It would have been great, next time remember to put film in your camera ROFL

Presenting FawcaWnahs, better know in real life as Four Corners (I think Castleton Corners too), Staten Island N.Y.

It's been fun. Enjoyed the responses :)
Thanks ((((ALL))))


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