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Good Morning - Good Evening Irene Molway quill iquill Harry,
You'll do yourself a disservice if ya don't go. I was there this weekend to work on my 40th reunion and all we do is talk abt old times and never seem to get any work done. We pick up right where we left off as if it were 1960. It's just amazing. Same reminiscing that goes on here only with faces attached. I can't wait for my reunion after speaking to so many of the "kids" via phone, I'm anxious to see them and hash over old times.

You'll find your away around just fine. The streets haven't changed, just more traffic. You can handle that. Your old NDHS is now the annex to McKee and the new school is down on New Dorp Lane on Miller Field I think, Passed it friday nite.

Go, you'll have a ball. Everyone says they don't want to but after they get there, there's not enough time , the nite went too fast and they can't wait to do it again.


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