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Good Morning - Good Evening Harry White hrwhite On 03/26/2000 10:35:00 PM, iquill wrote:
>Harry, do ya ever get to the
>Island anymore?

Irene, Went to the Island with my family once in '70. That was after a 15 year absence. I was lost. Couldn't find New Dorp High School or my old house on Adams Ave. I was truly disappointed. I know it would be more difficult now. I thought of going to the NDHS 45 year reunion this year but do not think I will. To much has changed. What memories I have would be shattered. I thin I'm better off living with my faded memories. I enjoy hearing about places and things from the past at this site. People are talking about the way it was. I like that. Do not think I would like the way it is. Harry

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