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Good Morning Harry White hrwhite Good Morning All - WOW!!! Did you ever open memories for me. Sunday mornings started with Sunday School at New Dorp Moravian for me. Then we would go to a deli on Midland Ave in Grant City and buy hard rolls and all types of fresh cut deli sandwich makings. At noon we would go to the Jefferson Ave SIRT to pick up my grandparents who came to visit (they lived on Manhattan). We would go home and sit around the big kitchen table and make our sandwiches. I had two favorite sandwiches made on fresh poppy seeded hard rolls, baloney with catsup and mayonnaise or baloney with slicer sweet pickles. My parents and grand parents made sandwiches of head cheese and limberger cheese (my face still screws up at the thought/smell of their so called delicacies). After lunch we would move to the living/sun room to read the newspapers. Dick Tracy and the Katzenjammer Kids were favorites.
Donna ya did it! My tear ducts and taste buds are acting up.

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