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My personal opinion is that if "Todays Messages" could be changed to "New Posts - last 30 days" or something like that it would sure make things easier to keep uP with the posts. I find it great to have the option of "Todays Messages" but find it very annoying if I miss a couple of days and have to go back to each conference and scroll through or use my own option set of "New Messages"

Webmaster is it possible to keep messages in immediate view for at least 30 days before the are archived? The other thing I would like to see is an "Archive" option right from the Web Board - I get many e-mails asking "How do I get to the archives" Seems the people who were avid postee's on the old Web Site have no problems cause they know the Archives are there but the news people have no clue what the Archives are all about - HELPPPPPPPPPPPP Please :))

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