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Good Morning ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~

Hey Dadoo!

I loved your WHOLE post, but I especially loved where you specified that the bread was NOT sliced. Isn't it wild how certain "little" things make such a difference? My grandparents had a 2 family home in Tompkinsville and that's where I was born, but when I was 6 my Father and Mother had the house in Westerleigh/Willobrook built and so we moved. It took a long time for my heart to move from Tompkinsville to Westerleigh. It just wasn't the same. Of course, now I'm a true blue Westerleigh~ian and only live around the corner from my parents house but anyway, what I started out to say but got a bit side tracked about, was that the "little" things that we remember are somehow more profound than the "biggies".

From the day I was born I remember this certain table cloth that my Grandma had. It wasn't fancy and it wasn't special in any "obvious" way....but it was special to ME! Not only was that the exact same table cloth that we all always had coffee and cake on every Sunday when my cousins from New Jersey came over, but after me moved to Westerleigh and we too became "visitors" at my Grandparents, well, that table cloth sort of became like a rock or cornerstone to me. Ironically I though that I was the only one that felt that way but when my Grandma and Grandpa passed on and my Father, Aunts and Uncles had to sell and clean out the house.....


In the end, they all decided that my Mom should end up with it because even more so then the actual daughters (my Mom was the DaughterInLaw) my Mother keeps the Sunday coffee and cake thing alive and flourishing! *S*

I just love that table cloth! *LOL*


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