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Rich's Spell Checker ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~

Awwww Rich! No No No! Don't feel hurt.



Right ~~~>here! {{{{Rich}}}

O.k.! I just hugged ya! Did you feel it????

I hope so!

I wasn't insulting you! Ohhh Noooo I was just....well.....SHOCKED! *LOL* Ta be honest with ya, the choir boy story was equally as shocking. LOL Mind you though, I'm not AT ALL saying shocked in a bad way just in a ...well...SURPRISED way. *S*

Don't feel too badly about your rubber band story either. While teaching Bible Vacation school, my 5th Grade boys got together in a huddle (which was just about the only time they worked together as a group) and used those little strings in the Bible's to tie a whole bunch of 'em together. I'm not kidding! *LOL*

The little girls just cry when Mass is boring but the little boys seem to get very inventive! LOL

As they say....

Men are from Mars~~~Women are from Venus!

Viva la difference!!!!!!!


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