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Hi Elliot!

Welcome ~Home~!!!! That's the great thing about the internet. Even if you can't physically be somewhere, you can be there in ~Spirit~! Being a North Shore resident I don't know much about Annadale as it's that *G* "other" side of the Island....but I'd love to listen to your stories about it any time you'd like to "Chit Chat" about it! That's pretty neat that you met up with other Staten Islanders in your new community. It kind of shows you how connected (and perhaps small) this Universe of ours really is.

My Family and I were on vacation in Williamsburg Virginia about 4 years ago and as we came out of one building and went to this little bus stop to wait for a shuttle to take us to another section in the midst of all of those acres, who did we meet up with but one of the children who had been in my Daughter's kindergarten class. My Daughter had even gone to the little girls birthday party but right after that, she and her family moved to New Jersey!

I guess we were just meant to ~meet up~ perhaps you are meant to do here! *S*

Again...Welcome ~HOME~! *S*


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